JW Marriott Marquis Miami Chooses Power Knot Food Composter

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The JW Marriott Marquis Miami continues its commitment to sustainability by investing in Power Knot’s Liquid Food Composter . The Liquid Food Composter digests food waste in a clean, sanitary and odorless manner. As a result, it reduces the hotel’s carbon footprint by eliminating the amount of waste sent to landfills and decreases the amount of methane gases released into the environment. It digests all food within 24 hours and then converts it into nutrient-rich grey water that can be released down the drain or used for landscape maintenance.

“Green initiatives benefit both the environment and our business,” said Florencia Tabeni, General Manager of the JW Marriott Marquis Miami. “We enjoy a positive cost reduction while decreasing negative effects on the environment.”

The JW Marriott Marquis Miami was named a member of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Green Lodging Program in 2012. The hotel was given this distinction for its successful execution of numerous green initiatives, such as water conservation through low-flow plumbing fixtures, linen reuse programs, the installation of Energy Star appliances and programmable thermostats, and the use of green cleaners and high-efficiency air filters throughout the hotel. Subsequently, the hotel has earned both water efficiency and energy efficiency awards from the Greater Miami and the Beaches Hotel Assn.
Fonte: Green Lodging News

Eco Circuito e o Biodigestor ECO-PRO

Aqui na Eco Circuito o nosso propósito é transformar geradores de lixo em agentes ambientais.

Biodigestor ECO-PRO da Eco Circuto, com muita inovação para o mercado, realiza o descarte sustentável do resíduo orgânico em efluentes de forma automatizada e inteligente, com controle de procedência personalizada para reduzir o desperdício de alimentos em cozinhas profissionais, hoteis, hospitais, refeitórios industriais e outros.

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